Responsible Production

The “Responsible Production” project is a demonstration project funded by United Nations Environment Programme – UNEP and implemented by Vietnam Cleaner Production Center – VNCPC during the period of May 2012 to March 2013. There were 2 enterprises selected as pilot projects.

Responsible Production was developed to improve chemical hazard management in small and medium sized enterprises. It is designed to increase overall safety and to reduce chemical emergencies and their environmental, social and economic impact by helping companies address the hazards and risks related to the manufacturing, processing and handling of chemical substances  in their operations.

As in many developing countries, where hazardous chemicals are manufactured, transported, repackaged and used, unsafe manufacturing and handling operations in SMEs in Vietnam, especially those in chemistry sector, have serious environmental and health consequences. To set up effective internal safety management approaches and to start a dialogue and ongoing communication with workers and nearby communities, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) need to be involved in initiatives involving other stakeholders, including larger companies, aimed at fostering chemical safety management and chemical risk information up and down the value chain.

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